He works immediately after Thomas that is calculated to return into the brand new Maze to examine the latest Griever corpse

Things scans them and you will walls begin to intimate, compelling each other males to return on Glade

Minho accompanies Newt, Thomas, together with Med-Jacks on scientific hut as they put an unconscious Teresa into the a beneficial bunk next to Alby. Minho hesitates within possibility returning, specifically while the most other Athletes end to your him earlier you to morning. Sooner, the guy gathers upwards Frypan, Winston, and Zart so you can praise your and Thomas into the Maze.

Because the group finds the latest corpse, Thomas points out he notices something, compelling the group to pull for the a leg to break it on muscles. Minho pulls out one thing which have a flashing light and you can notes that this has an electronic count on window, also a WCKD nameplate on the side. The team output through its findings on the council hall and you will display everything which have Newt and you will Gally.

Newt concludes you to definitely Thomas could well be taken to the brand new Pit in the place of restaurants getting every night and you can decides to build Thomas an athlete, despite Gally’s protests

Minho requires Thomas into the Chart Place to exhibit him the fresh new brand of new Network he plus the other Runners based more 36 months. He acknowledges that he is work with each part of the Network however, they’re ineffective in finding a routine. Read more