Knowledge of Passion

Have you ever poured a bucket of cold water on yourself? And three? If so, you understand me. Everything inside (and outside) shrinks for a second, then you want to frantically jump out from the burning moisture … and, having regained the ability to breathe, you grab a shaggy towel. And, finally, rubbing himself with a towel, cheerful as a thousand penguins, you open the door and feel the air with your whole skin, which only recently was stuffy-hot, but now it seems pleasantly warming. It’s good that you don’t have to dress – only you are at home. In a white loose blouse and a long, long brown skirt, you toss something in the pans in the kitchen. My girl … When I first saw you on the train, I still did not understand – that you are my destiny. I generally slow down in such matters. But the fact that such people come across very rarely came to me right away. And I also realized that I would be looking forward to our next meeting. Perhaps because it is so easy for me with you, as it has never been easy with anyone? I creep up from behind and hug your breasts with greedy hands. You don’t react for a few seconds, and then you turn around and our lips touch each other… how will it end this time? I don’t know, and this sweet suspense of the eternal game between a man and a woman warms the blood again. My hands are already habitually crawling under my blouse, your body responds trustingly and passionately, clinging to me … and suddenly you say … “Do you know how a guy shows everyone that this girl is HIS girl?” You turn me around and sweetly bite my shoulder at the very base of my neck. I don’t know how it affects girls, but it creeps into my entire spine. Growling in my soul, but not forgetting to return your “sign of belonging”, my lips cover your face and neck with kisses … Have you thought about the expression “cover with kisses”? This is so that not a single place is left that is not caressed with lips …. Remember, we once started with this? I kissed your still awkward virgin body a thousand times. And another thousand and another… all night long. Now my hands and lips know many paths of your pleasure. But this does not mean that I know everything – love with you every time is a discovery that needs to be made. This is a theorem that needs to be proven, this is a prayer that has not yet been read by anyone even a single time … Under gentle pressure, you give up and almost sit down on the kitchen table, but it’s so uncomfortable to start, and I, sighing in my soul, step back a little and fall on a chair . You carefully picked up the skirt, under which, as always, you put nothing on top. Already from the second time, softly yuknuv, you let me in until the very end and the swing begins. Faster, faster… your body responds more and more, we fall into a single rhythm and hold it for a while… and then I break into a frantic dance, carry you in my arms around the kitchen, throw you on the table and the old walls hear yours again screams and moans. How I love this music! This goes on for a long time …. Or a moment? Love is not a state in which to feel the time, one cannot rush in it, and, having felt that this chord is over, we disconnect our subtle physical connection. Longing intensifies desire. As if waking up and not noticing my excited body, you sit on a chair near the table and pour yourself a glass of water with lemon. Now you are Lolita, and it’s not for nothing that the sparks in your eyes are so thrown, whether you like it or not, forty-year-old men. A green-eyed girl in a white blouse slowly drinks water and then, smiling a little, either at me or at her thoughts, puts the glass on the white table and takes my standing flesh in her lips. I love watching this so much! But now your thick long hair is blocking the spectacle, and you have to think for yourself. I start to move towards, but the hair is in the way for you too, and you ask to hold it. Not the first time – I hold their weight every day while you wash your face in the evening. This rite is one of many in the life of lovers filled with signs. Now you can watch without interference. A curious maximalist in everything, you, having learned that the most experienced of my past women knew how, from the very beginning tried to take me into your mouth completely, to the very end. Now you do it easily and gracefully, with your left hand leaning on the table, and with the other, affectionately hugging my thigh. Either pushing me down the throat, or playing with my flesh with your tongue, you turn me on more and more. I watch how all my fifteen centimeters disappear between your lips filled with desire and remember … Whether you like it or not, the light that illuminates everything around you is the light of passion. You are passionate in everything you do – and when I got to know you better, I was very surprised that at the age of 19 you kept your virginity. But soon I found out the reason – your feminine essence was hidden behind the barriers of pain and fear, manic looks and touches. On the simplest shaking of the wrist, you could fall into a painful semi-conscious state for three hours, each step along the path of rapprochement was accompanied by tears. You constantly fought with yourself, and I promised myself that II will help you in this fight. I sensed a great power in you… and we succeeded in awakening it. It’s not over yet, only a year has passed… what will happen next? Do you remember how embarrassed you were to tell me this and wrote in a note … “I want deeply. Strongly. You.” Big, big letters… I want that too. I leave the gentle captivity of your lips and, with a jerk, pressing you against the wall, I enter you. Like a man into a woman, strong, deep, furious. You are my woman. Now the real begins – not a game, not pleasure – we are completely open to each other. Nerve to nerve – and everything that we have spills out in this wild dance. The most hidden and forbidden dreams, something that even oneself can be difficult to admit, something that cannot be said in words, we give to each other. And we accept it. Love is multifaceted, now it’s the turn of this facet. It seems that once it was called an orgy and it was a ritual… Now you will become a priestess of love. The vessel of a man’s desires, the point and infinity of aspiration. Passion leads to life, to death, to pleasure, to knowledge, to wisdom, to beauty, and this passion is you. And now your body dissolves in my desire, you can no longer stand on your feet … Down with all your clothes! Truth comes naked. Down with all prohibitions. Only freedom! I transfer the all-accepting tenderness of your body to the big bed – now everything is ready. Your reddened lips whisper softly and distinctly… – That’s it… take me just the way you want, don’t pay attention to my desires… I allow everything… and if I don’t allow something, take it myself! I freeze for a second, enjoying the gentle stillness of the curves of your young body. And then, stretching out my hand, I squeeze the tender nipple of a large breast to the pain in my fingers. Your body of a forest nymph is thrown up, a cry of either pain or passion fills the room. It doesn’t matter, what I want – you want it too, we have long since learned to read each other’s thoughts. Either kisses or bites now torment you. Neck, shoulders, hips … You languish, tremble and scream from my touch, your head dangles helplessly on the pillow, you wait and beckon, but only after playing enough of the madness of your body, I proceed to the main thing. I enter you – with a swing, confidently, to the end – and you accept me delightedly, like a sheath accepts a blade. Now the beautiful butterfly is firmly pinned with a needle and is trembling in the wind of my desire. And you really want it. When I, as a master, break into your flesh, the force of the blow goes through a cramp all over your tender and strong body. It passes in a wave along the spine, the hips tremble and open from it, the back arches towards me, the eyes roll back and the mouth opens wider and wider, forming the letter “O”. You stretch your neck, lick your lips and as if caressing someone invisible… Without stopping blows, I fill the void with my fingers and your lips greedily and passionately accept them, your tongue hastily caresses my fingers, pushing them further, into the depths of the throat… – Yes, yes, yes … – you whisper and shout when I give you such an opportunity, – I want the men to go one after the other, and take, take, take me … I want to be a source that quenches my thirst … and so that it never, never, never ends … I want it too – you know. And because your words completely tear off the remnants of the roof for me – flying up, it seems, half a meter above the bed, whipping your softness with the whip of my body, I manage to get into your wide open bosom almost every time. And each of my hits is marked by a triumphant cry, and your throat marks rare misses with an offended groan. You are already so open that in addition to my toy you take in four more fingers, but we all cannot get enough of intimacy. More, more, more … Finally, I can not stand it and go out. A few seconds of silence… You lie quietly, as if unconscious and only breathing heavily. But this calmness is deceptive – a quick blow with your palm on your lower lips, and the body obediently arches towards you, and from a sweet cry, it seems that the walls will now collapse. I wonder if the neighbors behind the wall hear this music of violent love? Another biting slap, now on the inside of one thigh, on the other, on the flushed cheeks, on the hard nipples of the chest … Like a musical instrument, I play on the body of my beloved and it responds, obedient to my power, the greedy and tremulously sonorous body of the girl … I squeeze your tender neck to the point of wheezing, I test the strength of my fingers on your perfectly shaped thighs, I try to penetrate the softness of the chest with the iron of my fingers … you accept everything. Not as a slave – as a queen, not as a punishment – as an offering of gifts. Because everything I do – I do only out of love. My hands are already tired, but you demand more and more. And who came up with this idea that intimacy lasts eleven minutes? Having rested in your lips that have seized upon the real thing, I quickly run for oil and we proceed to storm the next peak. One finger, another, … finally your ass relaxes and lets me into the only depth unknown today. I want all of you – and you are completely mine. Body bendis on top of mine, the fingers of one hand inside you feel the beating of passion between the buttocks through a thin partition, the fingers of the other caress your lips and tongue, I fill you as much as possible. But your indefatigable body knows no limits, and when, poured out and happy, I freeze on the bed, you noticed … – Strange female nature … now it seems to me that everything is just beginning … And I just smiled. Not because you’re tired – just as you don’t get tired of real work, you can’t get tired of true love either. Yes, everything is just beginning! The rite was accomplished and we, fresh and renewed, went further through our world. And then, a few days later, you said … “Of course, a third person with a camera would probably interfere with us then … but I so want that what was was not lost, preserved for the world. And then I wrote this story. Having read it while I was at work (and this was the first reading of this kind in your life), you signed at the bottom … “I really liked it, the main thing is realistic and not a drop of naturalism, although I saw it in a slightly different light , not as a ritual, but simply to dissolve in the Divine … Thank you” And if anyone understands love the same way we do, write. And let there be more beauty in the world. All you need is love!

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What happens on my Financing If i Are Responsible and you will I don’t have Insurance policies?

You can buy underinsured otherwise uninsured driver publicity (UMI) to greatly help repay your loan and you may improve your totaled vehicles when you are from inside the any sort of accident having an uninsured driver. Be sure that your UMI policy discusses possessions destroy-some regulations merely protection car crash injuries. You can file a state beneath your accident publicity.

It is possible to file a municipal lawsuit against the from the-blame rider, nonetheless it might not be worth the costs unless you understand you to driver have possessions you could recover.

If you find yourself the new on-fault rider from inside the an accident and you also lack insurance, you are stuck which have a car fee for your totaled vehicles before the loan are paid off. You happen to be towards link financially your destroy you end up in and you may deal with penalties having operating in place of insurance coverage, in addition to fees and penalties and you can a driver’s license suspension.

What if Insurance policies Will not Defense the complete Harmony regarding My car Financing?

How you can describe what the results are in the event the insurance policies does not safety the whole equilibrium of the mortgage is to try to see an analogy.

Can you imagine the totaled vehicle’s ACV try $10,100000. Read more

Free Game Casino Slots Are a great way to Test New Things

Online games that are completely free is the perfect way to practice your skills without having to invest money into the machine. It’s a good idea begin with a no-cost casino game if not played before. You will quickly discover the things you like and dislike about the game you’re playing. Once you spend some time playing you might be ready to try a real paid game or even a gambling site. This way, you’ll know whether there is something paypal casino list australia you do not enjoy about the games that are available on the internet.

Online slots are the first casino to offer free games. These games have been in play for a long period and are still very popular in casinos that are located in the real world. When you are playing free slots, you’re trying to beat the casino so that you can take home the prize. You may be eligible to win a bonus if play slots for free. There are other websites that offer jackpots when you play long enough. To be able to play for as long and as often you like, you need to decide how much you would like to take home.

A betting guide is another type of casino that is free. These sites provide information on how to place your bets, when to place them, as well as other tips. These websites are useful if you’re new to betting. You might also find information about various machines. This kind of site is targeted at people who are experienced with the basics of betting.

There are also free casino games that offer slot machine games. In this category, you’ll discover a variety of slot machines, including single, multi-line, spin, and progressive slot machines. They can be mastercard casino canada played the same way as you play at the casino. The only difference is that the payouts are not as high. With these machines you stand a better chance of winning larger jackpots.

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, try free online games. A majority of them are skill-testing. You can play crossword puzzle to test your ability to input words into the grid. Another option is playing bubble busters. You are given an idea, like Santa Claus, and you have to fill in bubbles with objects that match the colors of the theme. Sometimes, these are just basic items and sometimes they are very complicated Christmas presents.

Online betting games are also available. These aren’t slot machines or video poker machines. You bet your own money on bingo, craps, roulette or any other kind of gambling. You might think that because you won’t be betting actual cash , you won’t have to worry about losing any value. That is true, but there are many other factors in the world of gambling that contribute to the value of each ticket or card. If you play with real money, and then lose all your money when you withdraw, it still does not cost you anything more than a few moments of inconvenience.

You should only wager real money in an online casino that has wagering limitations. Without these controls people can profit from you by raising the paylines so they can force you to pay more than you really ought to. This is why casinos employ electronic scoring systems like those used in many sports books and casinos. These controls are crucial to ensure that people do not increase their losses by increasing the paylines. This isn’t a problem for online casinos or sportsbooks because the paylines can be controlled by computers.

It is important to be aware of what you are engaging in when you go to a casino online. Also, remember that you’ll still be paying more at a physical location than online. This is true for blackjack as well as other games of the card. There are excellent games that you can play from your home PC however this doesn’t mean you’ll never be winning money with these games. Roulette, blackjack, craps Baccarat, and other games of cards are a lot of fun and the sound and graphics in these games are top-quality Don’t miss the chance to play these games for yourself.

No Deposit Bonuses At Online Casinos

A no deposit bonus is top casinos that accept mastercard an incentive program provided to new players who sign up with an online casino. They do not receive any cash rewards in exchange for their first deposit. They only have to create an account at the casino where they have been registered. Then, each time they play on the site, they receive the no casino that accepts google pay deposit bonus back.

New players can redeem their bonus points by playing at more casinos with no deposit bonuses. In addition, this kind of bonus offers players a chance to test out a site before making a financial commitment. Thus, it gives them the ideal opportunity to find out whether gambling on a particular online casino is the right choice for them.

Some online casinos do not require wagering requirements in order to play, whereas other do. In these instances the player has to decide prior to playing what wagering requirements he will need to meet. This may comprise the amount that he would like to wager and the type of game he would like to play as well as the maximum amount of winnings that the player is willing to take on, and the length of time he is willing to invest on the website. Different casinos offer different wagering requirements. Before making any financial commitments, it’s a good idea for a player read the terms and condition of the casino he plans to join. This will help him understand the different bonuses provided by casinos that do not require deposits.

In casinos, casinos with no deposit also have different types of no deposit bonuses. Sometimes, a casino will offer players free credits instead of money to play with. These credits can be used for playing on the main table at no deposit casinos games. These credits can only be used to play at the main tables of the no deposit casino. They cannot be used for playing any other game.

Unibet is a different type of casino bonus that doesn’t require you to deposit. Unlike most forms of casino promotions the Unibet bonus comes with real cash. Unibet bonuses are typically given out by the top casinos online which have managed to get their name recognized in the Unibet market. A person who deposits money into their personal account is entitled to one of these unibet bonuses, based on the system of the casino that is that is in question.

The first type of bonus that people typically get involved in is the no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus also called the hard rock bonus is one of the oldest casino promotions. Casinos online often make use of it to draw customers. One of the most sought-after places to play online at casino is the hard rock casino. The casino deposits money to a player’s account to try to entice them.

These bonuses are called “hard money” casinos because they do not require a deposit. They are not operated by a service company like banks. Instead, they pay out their bonus money according to the performance of their casinos. To take advantage of the bonus, the player has to make a payment to his or her account. The bonus cannot be refunded in the event that the player does not satisfy the criteria to receive the bonus.

These bonuses are available as no deposit bonuses that can be used to play numerous jackpot games in online casinos. These jackpot games include the biggest slot games and other progressive jackpots. These bonuses that do not require depositing you to have an email address. These bonus offers require people register with email before they can take part.

Are Online Casino Slots Really Effective?

Slot machines are without doubt the most popular games on casinos that are free to join. Every new player is searching for the newest exciting NetEnt or Betronics to try their luck at a chance to win huge jackpots! A recent study has revealed that slot machines in casinos are among the most played games on free online casino sites. This is true because they are simple to win, simple to play and enjoyable to play. They are also a great way to finish the long process of setting up machines. Slots are a popular game played in a variety of online casinos.

Free online scratch-offs or free casino games are a relatively new way of playing slots online. They have emerged in the last five years and continue to grow in popularity with free casino game innovations. Online casinos offer progressive jackpots, which require players to win a specific amount of money over an agreed-upon time. In the end, a casino will no longer have the same jackpot, and therefore, it will begin another one. Progressive slots are based on the same principles of technology as regular slots , but the difference lies in the progressive jackpots.

You can play online for free casino games with the progressive slot machine feature. A bright light appears on the machine’s screen once the amount is reached. This is determined by a ecopayz casino withdrawal random generator. A winner is picked and the game continues in the same manner as conventional slot games online. Online casinos may provide combinations that require a specific amount of cash or coins. These machines are known as special combination machines and can be a bit more difficult to beat.

A lot of free online casino games provide virtual slots that operate like the real thing. These types of games are extremely popular online. Many of these games don’t require bankrolls. Players don’t have to risk any money by simply clicking on the machine. There are also online casinos that offer free casino games online, which means players don’t need to be risking any money to enjoy the game.

Playing free casino games online is also similar to playing traditional games of gambling, as it allows players to select their own table games and play modes. This is yet another way in which casinos online differ from real casinos. You are also able to play different table games including slots blackjack, video poker and roulette. Online table games offer a great gaming experience with amazing graphics and a variety of options. They are easy to use, affordable and provide a wide range of gaming options that can delight any gamer.

One of the biggest attractions in online slots is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. Unlike other types of gambling games you can play for free online slots anytime you like. Slots online do not have a minimum or maximum bets, so you can play as much as you want. Slot machines offer huge payouts that can help you build your cash-flow. Best of all, since there are no limitations as to how many times you can play simultaneously, you can keep playing and increasing your winnings, right from the at-home comforts of your home.

Online casino slot players get the same benefits as real money slot machines. They can play real money slots machines to play bonus games and they’ll earn twice the amount that they put into the machine. Free online casinos provide tournament games, free progressive slot machines, as well as free one-time slot machines that let players play with the excitement of slots with real money.

Online casino games work in similar ways to real slot machines. You are looking for numbers that will increase top pay n play casinos your chances of winning when you make your bids. You are more likely to play different numbers and win since you don’t have to sign any contracts when playing games for free. These kinds of games should only be played at trusted sites with an established reputation. This will ensure that you don’t get caught in an enticement.

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