And so the hip hop lifetime is full of stereotypes for example heavy gold chains, flashy automobiles, and private jets

Rap, more so than many other kinds of sounds, does has an expectation out-of a certain pricey lives performers have to realize. Once you write sounds regarding how far money spent most of the the full time, you must display screen those things when you look at the real life. For many the quintessential successful hip hop artists, one to life is alternative while also getting currency away to possess a rainy date. However, hip hop is additionally filled with former superstars just who go totally bankrupt.

Oftentimes the fresh expensive jewelry and you will transportation and you can mansions do not assist. In addition to, there are many emcees who fall seriously about to the son assistance. However, lots of bankruptcies you’ll seemingly be prevented in the event that hiphop school taught one particular rule: You have to pay your fees. Read more